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Helping Seniors Drive Safer & Longer

Even the most experienced drivers can improve their performance behind the wheel. AAA offers a comprehensive suite of research-based tools, programs and educational resources to help older adults improve their safety as drivers, and to assist in making a smooth transition from driver to passenger if needed. is a go-to resource for expert advice needed to keep driving for as long as safely possible—and mobile thereafter. Take the time to plan ahead—it’s a leading cause of life.

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Person reviewing Roadwise on computer

Roadwise Review

Check your driving abilities ... conveniently, confidentially and from the comfort of home!

AAA Roadwise Review: A Tool to Help Seniors Drive Safely Longer is a scientifically validated screening tool developed by AAA and noted transportation safety researchers. Available on CD–ROM, this tool allows seniors to measure, in the privacy of their own home, the eight functional abilities shown to be the strongest predictors of crash risk among older drivers.

The skills tested in Roadwise Review include:

  • Leg Strength and General Mobility
  • Head/Neck Flexibility
  • High– and Low–Contrast Visual Acuity
  • Working Memory
  • Visualization of Missing Information
  • Visual Search
  • Useful Field of View