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Terms & Agreement

  • Married applicants may apply for a separate account;
  • All statements made in this application are true and correct, and are made for the purpose of obtaining the loan indicated herein;
  • Authorization is given to AAA Northeast Bank, and any institution designated by them to obtain my credit report;
  • Verification or re-verification of any information contained in this application may be made at any time AAA Northeast Bank, and any institution designated by them, its agents, successors and assigns ("the Lender"), either directly or through a credit reporting agency, from any source named in this application, and this application will be retained by the Lender, even if the loan is not approved;
  • The Lender will rely on the information contained in the application and applicant has a continuing obligation to amend and supplement the information provided in this application if any of the material facts stated herein should change prior to closing;
  • Information from a Carfax Vehicle History report may be used in conjunction with the application.
  • The Lender makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, to any applicant or borrower regarding the value, condition or identification of the motorcycle to be purchased or refinanced.
  • Conversations with AAA Northeast Bank personnel may be monitored to ensure quality customer service.
  • I/We agree that AAA Northeast Bank personnel provide me/us with certain notices through the AAA Northeast Bank system.
  • This is a qualification for a loan request that may or may not be treated by a particular Lender as an application for credit. I/We understand that I/we may have to complete an APPLICATION with a Lender before they will extend a loan offer to me/us.
  • I/We understand that the Lenders that AAA Northeast Bank works with may contact me/us to discuss this application before extending an offer to me/us.
  • I/We also understand that some Lenders that AAA Northeast Bank works with may require me/us to establish a share account prior to closing my loan.

Rhode Island Residents: A consumer report may be requested in connection with this application. Upon applicants written request, AAA Northeast Bank will inform applicant if a consumer report was used, and will provide the name and address of the consumer reporting agency that furnished the report. By clicking on the "Submit" button below, I acknowledge I have read and fully understand the terms and agreements as stated and accept them completely. In addition, please let us know if we can consider additional lenders in finding the best loan for your needs: I/We authorize my/our application to be forwarded to one or more lenders or financial institutions.

Once submitted, You should expect a decision and notification by e-mail within 2 business days.