For over 80 years, AAA has led the way in Driver Training and Education programs. First published in the 1930s by AAA, Sportsmanlike Driving became the most widely used book in the field. AAA’s current driver education text, How to Drive features the most current and relevant information on safe driving for teens. AAA instructional materials are used in AAA Driving Schools as well as commercial driving schools throughout the country.

True to the organization’s long history as an advocate for driver safety and instruction, AAA has led a nationwide effort to establish graduated driver licensing (GDL) systems to ensure teens get the practice and guidance they need to become safe drivers. Data shows licensing systems that ease teens into driving help reduce the number of teen driver crashes and save lives. Since 1997, AAA has helped pass laws across the country to establish GDL systems in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

AAA Driver Instructor Training courses provide AAA driving instructors with quality courses to give them the necessary tools to properly train new and experienced drivers to develop, maintain or improve their driving ability.

Vigorous involvement in travel and motoring issues have been prime activities of AAA for the past 100 years. AAA will continue working to ensure drivers’ interests are represented in education, highway and traffic safety, energy, transportation infrastructure and environmental policies.

AAA Driver Training School programs are licensed by state departments of motor vehicles.