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Types of Scholarships

Like grants and gifts, scholarships can be a great resource to help pay for the cost of college each year as they do not require repayment of any kind.

Having a plan, being organized, and knowing how to search will help you be more successful in your quest for “free money." Most scholarships break into three categories with varying application methods and timeframes.


Institutional Scholarships 

Institutional Scholarships are given out by the college or institution of education the student will be attending. Many of the scholarships do not even require an additional application. By submitting an application for admissions students are automatically considered. However some of these scholarships do require the student to submit an additional application and to know that the scholarship exists. Additionally, some of these scholarships require the student to submit their college application and scholarship application earlier than normal. This could mean as early as November 1st of the senior year in high school.

Private Scholarships

Private scholarships are great opportunities for students too. These deadlines come anytime from January to April of the senior year in high school. They do take work to organize and apply for but are well worth your time. Swing by the Guidance Office and pick up any applications you can. Next look at the local and regional education foundations. Ask at your local credit union, Dunkin Donuts and any other organization you visit.

Sweepstakes Scholarships

Sweepstakes scholarships are basically lotteries! These are usually quick online applications and they randomly pull a winner. The odds on winning these scholarships are not good but the applications are quick. and other sites have many of these sweepstakes scholarships.