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Eiffel Tower in summer
Delight the senses with incredible cuisine, ancient history, and scenic landscapes.
Giraffes standing in the middle of a dry african plain.
Africa and Middle East
Discover diverse cultures, breathtaking scenery and maybe even an encounter with the Big Five.
A serene river in the wilds of the USA
Explore the iconic landmarks and stunning natural wonders of our magnificent country.
Majestic mountain peaks in Canada.
Pick your province! Capture the wonders of the north, from the towering Rockies to Niagara Falls.
Sidney Opera House viewed from the waters in the bay.
Australia/New Zealand
See it all – from bustling cities to the awe-inspiring vistas of the South Pacific.
A Japanese Pagoda viewed from a peacful river boat.
Experience the timeless traditions and tranquil beauty of Asia
Ancient ruins of Machu Picchu.
South/Central America
Delve into the vibrant culture and diverse traditions South America has to offer.
Person standing in an airpot, waiting for their flight.
Receive exclusive AAA rates on expedited passport courier services.

Featured Guided Vacations

The Truth About Guided Travel

If guided travel tours make you think of long bus rides and crowded groups shuffling from one tourist attraction to the next, it's time to update your perspective

AAA Travel advisor Wendy Marley answers our questions about guided travel, separating old truths from new realities and proving that today's tours are better than ever.

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