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Finding a trustworthy car repair specialist is stressful for some people, but AAA is here to help. 

Our Approved Auto Repair (AAR) network of more than 7,000 facilities across the country is used by millions of AAA members for their routine maintenance and repair work. 

Whether you treat your car like a member of the family or simply want a reliable way to get around town, you can find a friendly, highly-trained technician right here.

AAR Mechanic explaining car issues.

Why use an AAR facility? It’s MAGIC:

Member discount – all AAA members save 10% off labor costs at every visit.

Advocacy – AAA will represent you in any dispute that may arise with a repair facility.

Guaranteed work – All work performed by a AAR is guaranteed for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Inspections – Each facility in our program undergoes regular, rigorous inspections. We make sure the shop meets our stringent standards for equipment, cleanliness, insurance coverage, customer service, and more.

Certification – Every AAR must have ASE-certified technicians (Automotive Service Excellence) for required service offerings and provide formal training systems to keep their staff up-to-date on new procedures and technologies.

Technician Top Tips

Winter weather can take a toll on your car. These days, we’re not driving as much and vehicles often sit in driveways or garages for longer periods of time. However, that doesn’t mean you should slack on maintenance; in fact, you should be even more diligent and prepared! Our certified techs know the best preventative car care tips to avoid problems and keep you on the road.

I recommend four basic maintenance steps to all my customers to make sure they get through the winter:

  1. Change to winter tires or inspect your all-season tires for tread. Consider replacing them if the tread is below 6/32” for the best traction in snowy conditions. (Note, AAA recommends a minimum of 4/32, but deeper tread is better.)
  2. Inspect your antifreeze fluid level. Replace it if you service station recommends it.
  3. Test your battery. If it’s weak, replace it right away. If it’s an older battery, consider replacing it as part of regular maintenance. (A typical car battery has a lifespan of 4-6 years, according to AAA.)
  4. Make sure you always have a half tank of gas or more, and keep basic survival tools in your vehicle, including flashlight or flares, shovel and a blanket.

Ian Tallman, Tallman’s Sales & Service, Utica and Yorkville, NY

A little caution goes a long way. We recommend taking a good look at six things and, if anything needs repair or replacement, take care of it soon. There’s nothing worse than having a roadside incident and wishing you had done a little maintenance beforehand. 

  • Inspect windshield wipers. Make sure the rubber is in good shape without cracks.
  • Inspect belts and hoses. 
  • Test and inspect your antifreeze and your heater.
  • Check the conditions of your tires and make sure they’re all at the correct pressure and there is sufficient tread for traction.
  • Inspect your steering and suspension.
  • Check your battery. You need extra power to start your car on cold mornings.

Dante Riggio, Riggio Auto Repair, Bedford, MA

Your tires are the only thing that touches the road while you’re driving that 3,000-pound (or more!) vehicle. In snow and ice, it’s critical that tires are in top-notch condition. We recommend winter tires in the Northeast. While not required by law, winter tires grip the road better and can help you avoid a collision. If you’re out and about early, often before the snowplows, winter tires are critical. And, winter tires are more durable and handle cold road temperatures much better than all-season tires. Switching between winter tires and all-season tires will extend the life of both sets of tires, and improve traction and handling.

Jason Rousseau, Pro Automotive, Webster and Dudley, MA

We recommend checking your tire pressure on a regular basis. For every ten-degree drop in temperature, you lose one pound of pressure. Add to this fact, the average tire loses one pound of air per month normally. When not addressed, low tire pressure leads to premature wear, poor handling and potential tire failure while driving. (AAA recommends keeping a tire pressure gauge in your glove compartment to make it easy to check your pressure on a regular basis.)

Marceleo Rago, Rago Automotive, Linden, NJ

Our shop specializes in hybrid and electric vehicles, and it’s very important that hybrid owners have their 12-volt battery checked before the cold weather hits. Most hybrids, like the Prius, do not use a typical starter motor that is powered by the battery. Rather, the battery is used to "connect" the hybrid battery which starts the engine. Because of this, the member will not be forewarned of a low battery issue by the tell-tale "slow crank" on a cold morning. Instead, they’ll find that the car simply doesn’t start one morning. And, some hybrids can be difficult to jump-start, so a little advance care will save you a lot of hassle.

Matt Lamontagne, Leo’s Auto Repair, Lawrence, MA

Winter driving can be challenging, but there are ways to make it a little less stressful. First, visibility is critical. Make sure to remove all snow and ice from your vehicle before getting inside. Don’t just clear the front and back glass; start at the top and remove snow from the roof, hood, trunk, lights and mirrors as well. Once on the road, do everything more slowly. Decrease your speed and go easy on the gas and brakes to prevent skidding. Anticipate potential situations, such is icy bridges, and act accordingly. Maintain a good distance between you and the car in front you. AAA recommends 3 seconds of following distance under ideal conditions; add more distance at night and during inclement weather.

Finally, be prepared in case you get stuck in snow or ice. Prepare a kit of winter essentials and keep it in your vehicle. It should include battery jumper cables, a shovel, first aid kit (with any necessary medicines), blankets and extra clothing, a basic tool kit, flashlight with extra batteries, cell phone charger, some snacks and water.

Jeanne Meder, Hank May’s Goodyear, Norwalk, CT

Top Shops – is one of them yours?

AAA Northeast is proud to have some of the best Approved Auto Repair facilities in the country! The following shops were recently nominated for national “Best in Auto Repair” awards, which recognize high member satisfaction scores, top-level performance, and exceptional service.

Running this family-owned business for more than 30 years, Marc and Paul Rego believe much of their success comes from being involved in the community. “Every customer is like family, and every experience with us should be a good one,” says Marc. The business has grown with the times, growing from an auto parts store (Marxparts Unlimited) into a full-service repair facility. They sell used vehicles as well and are a NAPA AutoCare Center. The owners promote Automotive Service Excellence Certification (ASE) for their technicians, knowing future growth lies in developing the technical, management and product skills of their employees.


Marx Auto Center maintained satisfaction scores of 97.1 with members!



Marc and Paul Rego, owners of Marx Auto Center

Tom and Carol Elliott have run the company since 1987 and joined AAA as an Approved Auto Repair facility in 2000. The shop has consistently provided world-class service, which is reflected in their scores. Danvers is always willing to provide AAA with support for their programs and is a great ambassador of the AAA brand and the motto “to help and serve our members.”


Offering a wide variety of services from their trained technicians, the shop has maintained member satisfaction scores of 94.7 this year!


Danvers Auto Engineering

Tom Elliott (left), owner, Arthur Hubbard (center), Manny Tamvaklis (right)

Owned and operated by Sam Ellahi, Tire Tech has been an AAR for 9 of their 17 years in business. The shop provides multiple repair services and AAA roadside assistance. Ellahi and his staff have worked tirelessly to serve their community, especially during the Covid19 pandemic. When other shops had to close or reduce services, Tire Tech expanded their business hours, worked in the community to provide meals to families who couldn’t leave their homes, and supported and raised funds for animal organizations. “It’s not a business decision, it’s a community decision,” says Ellahi. “Our team feels connected to the entire community, whether they’re customers of ours or not.”


The customers certainly value the shop, giving them satisfaction scores of 92.3 for the year.


Chad Rison (left) and Jonathan Vasquez (right) keep Tire Tech on top.

Guilford Texaco is no stranger to winning awards, having been honored with the top Gold Award as a national Service Provider of Excellence twice. Key to their success is communication, hard work and attention to detail. Owners Jim and Ernie Betulia ensure their customers have the best experience possible, from keeping them informed about their service to bringing them water during summer roadside calls. “Every member interaction is an opportunity for success,” says Ernie.


Guilford is making the most of those member interactions, garnering stratospheric member satisfaction scores of 98.3!


Brothers Jimmy (left) and Ernie Betulia (right) have owned Guilford Texaco for 18 years.

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