Frequently Asked Questions

Membership FAQ

I have moved outside of your territory (CT, MA, NH, NJ, NY, RI). How do I transfer my AAA Northeast membership? +

If you’ve moved or are planning to move, please give our membership department a call to assist you with transferring your membership at 1-800-222-8252 from 8am to 7pm Monday-Thursday, 8am - 6pm on Friday, and 8am - 5pm Saturday-Sunday.

How can I cancel my membership and/or a household member? +

We hate to see you go but understand that there are life changes that call for you to cancel your membership and/or a household member. Please visit the cancellation form or give our membership department a call to cancel your membership or the membership of someone in your household at 1-800-222-8252 from 8am to 7pm Monday-Thursday, 8am - 6pm on Friday, and 8am - 5pm Saturday-Sunday.

How can I downgrade my membership? +

Please give our membership department a call to downgrade your membership at 1-800-222-8252 from 8am to 7pm Monday-Thursday, 8am - 6pm on Friday, and 8am - 5pm Saturday-Sunday.

I just upgraded to AAA Plus® or AAA Premier® or added optional motorcycle services to my membership. How long do I have to wait before I can start utilizing these benefits? +

Extended Roadside Assistance services for AAA Plus®, AAA Plus® MC, AAA Premier® or AAA Premier® MC benefit levels are effective seven (7) calendar days after upgrade is processed, and receipt of the full payment due.

Does my membership cover my whole family/household? +

Coverage applies to anyone that you add to the membership. The Primary member is the person who established the AAA membership. Associate members are other persons residing in the household who are on the Primary membership account. Please visit our Membership Terms page for more information.

I've moved, how do I find my new club? +

AAA/CAA is a federation of regional motor clubs located throughout North America. Membership and insurance benefits may vary by club. If you’ve moved or are planning to move, find your club’s website or find AAA Office Listings Nationwide.

I have moved from another AAA Club to a state within the AAA Northeast territory (CT, MA, NH, NJ, NY, RI) . How do I transfer my current out of territory membership to AAA Northeast? +

If you have an active membership with another AAA Club and you’ve moved or are planning to move within the AAA Northeast territory, please contact your current AAA Club’s membership department to update your address on file. Once you have done so, they will initiate the transfer process to AAA Northeast.

My membership card was lost or stolen, how do I obtain a new card? +

Please click here for more information on how to obtain a new membership card.

If I join or reenroll, when will the roadside assistance services start? +

Your Basic coverage starts the next day. Members requiring road service on the same day they join or reenroll will be subject to a nonrefundable Same Day Service Fee. Plus or Premier coverage commences 7 days after payment is applied.

Where can I send my payment for membership? +

Please send your membership payments to the address below:


AAA Northeast
PO Box 9705, Providence, RI 02940

How can I change my payment plan from Monthly to Annual payments or from Annual to Monthly payments? +

To change the way you pay for your membership, please call our Membership department at 1-800-222-8252 from 8am to 7pm Monday-Thursday, 8am - 6pm on Friday, and 8am - 5pm Saturday-Sunday.

Digital Membership - Basics

What is Digital Membership? +

Digital Membership is a simple and convenient way for our members to manage their membership online and receive digital membership communications from the Club. Members who enroll will access their digital membership card in place of the plastic one, and publications and billing statements will all be sent electronically.
Besides contributing to saving the planet, Digital Memberships can be accessed anytime and anywhere when accessing the Auto Club app on a smart phone or device.
There is no difference in service when choosing Digital Membership. Road Service, discounts and rewards, travel benefits, and all other member benefits are part of your AAA Membership. Simply present your digital card in place of your physical card. 
Eligible members can sign up for Digital Membership by logging into their account. 

Digital Membership - Already Enrolled?

Members can access their digital membership card by going online and signing into their account or by downloading the AAA Auto Club app. Once signed in, members can view their digital card right on the home page of their account.
A printable card is available by clicking the Digital Membership Card(s) link on the left tool bar when signed into your account.
Members can opt out of Digital Membership by signing into their account and unselecting the Digital Membership option.

Digital Membership - Troubleshooting

Members that are currently ineligible to enroll in Digital Membership include memberships in the following categories: Gift Memberships, Group Memberships, Fleet Memberships, and memberships with multiple expiration dates.
Members who experience difficulties enrolling in Digital Membership should reach out to our Member Service Counselors at 1-800-564-6222. One of our counselors would be glad to assist you with updating your account.

Roadside FAQ

The fastest way is to use our online request system, which is accessible on your smartphone, laptop or tablet by typing: into your browser (and bookmark it for future use!), visiting and selecting Roadside Assistance, Request Online, or by downloading our free mobile app to your device. You can also contact our call center at (800) 222-4357 to speak to a representative.
Yes, your AAA membership covers you in any eligible vehicle, whether you’re the driver or passenger. Please visit our Membership Terms page for more details.

Each cardholder is permitted up to four Roadside Assistance calls per Membership year, below are examples of some of the services and you may visit our Membership Terms page for more details.

  • Towing service
  • Flat tire service
  • Battery jump start & AAA Battery Service
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Vehicle lockout and locksmith service
  • Minor mechanical adjustments
  • Extrication/winching service

If you’re a AAA Northeast member, you may complete the Roadside Assistance reimbursement form to be considered for partial or full reimbursement of services. Please submit your request form and the original itemized paid receipts on the garage letterhead.

For additional information, visit our Reimbursement Request page.

Travel FAQ

Order maps online


Your map order will be completed and delivered by US Mail within 10 business days.

Order a TripTik


Your order will be completed and delivered via US Mail within 14 days of your departure. If you are traveling in less than 14 business days, please call 1-877-TRIPTIK (874-7845) or visit your local branch.

Insurance FAQ

Purchasing or Leasing a vehicle? +

For existing AAA Insurance policyholders, an agency service representative will need to speak with the named insured before any proof of insurance or changes can be processed. AAA Northeast Insurance Agency’s customer service phone number is 1-800-222-4242.

Mon - Wed: 8am-7pm, Thurs: 8am - 6pm, Fri: 8am - 5pm, Sat: 9am - 1pm 

Looking for proof of insurance to register a vehicle? +

Massachusetts AAA Insurance Policyholders

Dealerships: Please send completed Massachusetts RTA form with front & back of Certificate of Origin or title. For vehicles with less than 1,500 odometer miles, also include one of the following: window sticker, bill of sale, or dealer invoice.

                  Email (Preferred):

                  Fax: 401-868-2043

*Massachusetts customers completing their own registration may call 1-800-222-4242 to request an emailed registration form. Please have the vehicle’s title on hand when you contact our insurance service department.

Policyholders in all Other States

Our insurance service department is able to fax or email binders and/or identification cards as proof of insurance once we have spoken with our insured. Here’s what we will need:

                  Vehicle’s year, make, model 

Vehicle’s identification number (VIN)

                  Vehicle’s odometer reading

                  Name & address of loan and/or lease company

                  Fax or email address for bank or dealer requesting insurance documents

How do I make a payment? +

View your payment options by visiting our Claims and Payments page.

How do I report a claim? +

Visit our Claims and Payments page to report a claim.

Have another question?

Registry Services FAQ

What registry services can I get at a AAA Branch? +

Please visit your state-specific page to view the registry services offered to AAA members.

Rhode Island
New York

If your desired service is not listed, AAA Northeast will be unable to assist at this time. Please visit your local DMV/RMV office for service.
AAA Northeast does not offer registry services in Connecticut, New Hampshire, or New Jersey.

How do I make a registry appointment? +

Please select your state to make an appointment for your registry services. Please note appointments are required at this time for Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Due to high demand availability may be limited. New appointment slots are released daily.

Rhode Island
New York

RV/Motorcycle membership benefit

Plus and Premier members can purchase RV/motorcycle membership to enhance their roadside service coverage to include service for recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, motor homes and camper trailers in addition to passenger vehicles. Any of your service calls can be used for any combination of passenger or recreational vehicle roadside assistance requests.
Plus and Premier members are eligible to add RV/motorcycle coverage to their membership by contacting our membership department at (800) 564-6222

RV/Motorcycle service

Service includes a tow benefit for RVs and motorcycles, as well as extrication and winching, and tire change service for RVs. AAA will pay up to $500 toward services per allowable RV/motorcycle service call.

The RV/motorcycle benefit expands the vehicles covered under your AAA membership to include motor homes, camper trailers and motorcycles.

  • Class A Motor Home
  • Class B Motor Home
  • Class C Motor Home
  • Travel Trailer
  • Fifth Wheel Trailer
  • Hybrid Travel Trailer
  • Pop-up Trailer
  • Truck Camper
  • Toy Hauler
Road service calls for your RV or motorcycle are subject to service limit maximums when requesting a tow, extrication or RV tire service. Your AAA benefits pay up to $500 in services per RV/motorcycle service event, and you will be responsible for any costs incurred over that amount at the time of service. 
We will provide you with a good faith estimate of such additional charges, for which you are responsible to pay for at the time of service. 
Service providers will accept payment via credit or debit card. 
No, not currently. Due to the complex nature of recreational vehicle service, all requests for service are being handled by our trained phone agents. 
You may request your RV/motorcycle vehicle be towed to a destination of your choosing. If the cost for the tow exceeds the $500 service limit maximum, you will be responsible for covering the remaining cost of the tow. 

RV/Motorcycle member ID and dues

No. New cards will be sent upon renewal; however, you do not need to have a new card to receive service. This benefit was updated automatically for all RV/motorcycle plans and can be utilized whenever roadside assistance is needed. 
No, there was no change in membership dues with this enhancement. 
There is no action needed to receive additional RV coverage. The changes to include RV were made automatically to your membership.