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AAA Traffic Safety Education Community Outreach Programs

The AAA Northeast Traffic Safety Department offers community outreach programs that help spread the word about safe driving, walking and bicycling for people of all ages. The Traffic Safety Department works with local police departments, school and community centers to reach as many citizens as possible. We are willing to work with specific organizations to tailor courses to your needs. 

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Connecticut Community Outreach Programs

Digital Photography Classes

Digital Photography classes are held in Milford and Hamden. Fee: $15 – To register go to or call 401-868-2000, ext. 2120

School Safety Patrol Program

 Provides materials to set up school patrols in more than 140 schools in Litchfield, Fairfield, and New Haven counties. For more information visit, contact, or call 203-937-2595, ext. 4615.

Massachusetts Community Outreach Programs

John Paul, Senior Manager of Traffic Safety and they AAA Car Doctor, is available to speak with groups on a variety of automotive and safety issues. Programs include:

  • Car Care Seminars
  • Automotive Tech Seminar
  • State of the Automotive Industry
  • Car Buying Programs
  • Retired groups lunch presentations

Contact John Paul (401) 868-2000 x2121

New Jersey Community Outreach Events

Traffic Investigation Classes

Sponsor traffic crash investigation schools for police officers conducted at County Police Academies.
Contact: Ron Esposito 973-377-7204 x4853    

Traffic Engineering Classes

Sponsor Traffic Engineering and Crash Reconstruction Classes for police officers. These classes are held at Rutgers University.
Contact: Ron Esposito 973-377-7204 x4853

Crossing Guard Safety, Uniformity and Professionalism Program

Safe Practices, Pedestrian Safety, Uniform, and Equipment will be the focus of this program. This will allow AAA to assist the state of NJ in their effort to have all crossing guards properly trained and equipped. AAA will use seed money to help train and outfit crossing guards in towns that are economically struggling.
Contact: Ron Esposito 973-377-7204 x4853

Occupant Protection

Sponsor CPS technician classes for police officers and community members. Funding and maintenance of a trailer fully equipped with all the necessary items to teach a CPS certification class and hold a CPS check-up events, which is made available to CPS instructors free of charge. Distribute CPS Medical Outreach Kit to physicians. Car Safety Seat check-up events. Sponsor the Union County Child Seat Fit Station in our facility. Present to community groups such as PTA’s, day care centers, battered women’s shelters, and foster parents.
Contact: Ron Esposito 973-377-7204 x4853


Enforcement, Education, And Give-away: This program allows Police Officers and CPS Techs to work together to remove violators from the roadway, enforce laws, educate motorists, perform free child seat checks, and give child safety seats free to those that can’t afford them.
Contact: Ron Esposito 973-377-720

AAA North Jersey Community Services

Serving the counties of Hudson, Bergen & Passaic.

AAA North Jersey provides a variety of programs and services at local, state and national levels to help protect the rights, safety, comfort and economic resources of motorists and other travelers. We advocate for and provide resources to educate drivers and the communities in which we serve.

Programs & Class Schedules

AAA North Jersey provides the following programs and courses to better prepare and protect our members and the general public in the communities we serve.

Boating Safety Class: The Boating Safety Class is for all recreational boaters, including personal watercraft operators, hunters and anglers. This course is approved by National Association of Boating Law Administrators and meets requirements for certification for all vessel operators in New Jersey. Participants receive a NJ Boating Safety certificate after completing 4 (2) hour sessions. Course will include:

  • Boating safety and legal requirements
  • Navigation rules
  • Boat handling and emergency measures

Defensive Driving Class:
 Lower your auto insurance by 5% for 3 years. The AAA Defensive Driving course provides tips and techniques on how to reduce risk through proper management of visibility, time, and space, how to handle emergencies, and driver and passenger safety. Register today!

Distracted Driving Program: A free program, courtesy of AAA North Jersey, to educate high school students and young adults on the dangers of distracted driving and being safe motorists. This 40 minute presentation can be conducted in a school classroom or at a teen community event. To schedule a presentation, please contact Roz Thompson at or call (973) 956-2191.

Otto the Auto: The Otto the Auto Program is a pedestrian & bicycle safety presentation designed for students in grades K-3. The 45 minute program utilizes “Otto”, a small talking robotic police car, who teaches students key safety rules about how to cross the street, the importance of looking ALL ways and making sure that drivers have seen you! To schedule a free Otto the Auto safety assembly at your school, contact Ryan Gabel at (973) 956-2200 X 6461.


New York Community Outreach Programs

All of our Community Outreach programs are free of charge. Some programs listed may not be available throughout our New York service area. 

Pre-School & Elementary School Programs

Contact Karen Blackburn, 516-873-2409

All preschool and elementary school programs must have a minimum of 20 and maximum of 150 audience members.


This 35-45 minute assembly program features Otto the Auto, our remote-controlled talking car, and Bob, a fast-talking puppet. Otto and Bob help kids learn about being safe passengers in cars – who needs a booster seat, why kids need to sit in the back, and how to behave. 
Available for PreK (age 4+) through  5th grade      


This 45-minute presentation shows children how to maintain their bicycles, stresses the importance of wearing a helmet, and teaches the laws and rules of the road. 
Available for grades K-5


This 35-minute assembly program addresses passenger concerns for the school bus. It includes appropriate bus behavior, safe seating, loading and unloading, and some emergency procedures.             Available for grades K-5


Offered only during the last three weeks of October, this 35-minute program focuses on pedestrian safety that coincides with the excitement of trick-or-treating. Otto the Auto and Bob discuss how to make costumes more visible, safe walking skills, and Halloween smarts and etiquette.
Available for grades K-5


School groups and other youth organizations can borrow AAA’s own Bike Rodeo kits that come complete with all the materials you need to hold your own Bike Rodeo at your site. Participants bring their own bikes and helmets, and ride through our nine-station course. Reservations for Bike Rodeo containers must be made at least four weeks prior to your event, and all reservations are on a first- come, first- served basis. 
Suitable for grades K-5

Additional School Programs

Contact Gerri DiSalvo, 516-873-2377


Elementary schools looking to develop leadership programs for older students (4th grade or older) may want to consider the AAA School Safety Patrol Program. Safety Patrollers help younger students in obeying traffic safety rules in and around your school, such as walking in the halls and around bus pick up/drop off areas. Click here to find out how to get your school involved!
Grades 4-8                                                                           


Every year AAA offers free posters and other safety materials to coincide with the opening of school reminding drivers to use extra caution, as more young pedestrians may be out on the road. Getting these materials is just a phone call away!  

To request a poster or bumper sticker, please call 516-535-2566 or e-mail

Click to print poster: PDF or Image

Best Route to School

Walking safely to and from school is another key component to student safety.
Click here to view the “Best Route to School” in English.
Presione Aqui para ver el documento “La Mejor Ruta Para Ir A La Escuela” en español.


The AAA Driver Education Award Program is available to high schools for presentation to their outstanding Driver Ed students. It is to encourage students to develop the skills and attitudes that will make them safer drivers. This award is provided to each participating Club-area high school that offers a driver education program.

High School / Senior Driver Programs

Contact Barbara Ward, 516-873-2378

AAA Northeast will send a speaker, free of charge to groups with regular meetings, such as high school health or driver education classes or senior centers, to conduct workshops on various safe driving topics. Groups must have a minimum audience size of 20 participants, and should expect the program to last between 45-60 minutes, depending on the topic.  


Knowing how to handle driving emergencies is something every driver should know. This program will advise drivers what to do if they break down, how to stay safe on the road, and items to keep in your vehicles.


This program is designed to help all drivers understand the risks of distractions and get tips to avoid becoming a distracted driver. Drivers will learn the importance of keeping their hands on the wheel, their eyes on the road, and their minds on the task of driving.


The 10 Deadly Teen Driver Mistakes workshop is an interactive presentation which provides tips to parents on how to help their teens avoid making these mistakes by helping them improve their judgement, knowledge, behavior and skills while operating a motor vehicle. 


The AAA Driver Education Award Program is available to high schools for presentation to their outstanding Driver Ed students. It is to encourage students to develop the skills and attitudes that will make them safer drivers. This award is provided to each participating Club-area high school that offers a driver education program.

Contact Gerri DiSalvo, 516-873-2377


These valuable talks, which last about an hour, make seniors aware of the importance of making certain adjustments to compensate for reduced vision, hearing, flexibility, and reaction time.


CarFit helps seniors achieve a better fit with their vehicle for optimum safety and comfort while driving. A CarFit technician will help you adjust your mirrors, seat belts, tilt wheel, seating position and  more. CarFit events are typically held in the spring and fall. Visit to find an event near you.


Senior drivers have lots of questions, and AAA has lots of amazing resources available on our National AAA website. Visit to get more information on topics like selecting a new car that has features that help mature drivers, as well as current list prices and which cars have those features – find it in the SMART FEATURES FOR OLDER DRIVERS section. In the ROADWISE RX section, drivers can enter all   medications they take, and find out how each of those medications may affect driving abilities. There is a wealth of other valuable information on the senior driving site. Check it out!

6 Hour Defensive Driving Program


This six-hour AAA Defensive Driving Program can earn you (the principal vehicle operator) a 10% discount on collision, liability and no–fault insurance. The discount is good for three years. You may   also reduce up to four points on your driver’s license record. The Defensive Driving Program is offered both as a classroom course in a variety of locations, or as an online course which can be taken over a period of 30 days in the comfort of your own home. Register online for either the classroom version or the classroom version by visiting or call (866)901-8457.

Community Traffic Safety Awards Program

The AAA Community Traffic Safety Awards Program (CTSAP) is an AAA club-based awards program for communities of all sizes. Awards are given to outstanding communities based on their efforts to improve local traffic safety for all modes of travel.

AAA makes applications available to cities, counties, towns and villages, asking officials to describe their traffic safety activities of the previous year. It’s not a competition – any community that completes the application and earns the required scores will receive an award. Initiatives may include everything from pedestrian safety, bicycle safety, school bus safety, teen driving, senior safety, checkpoints to monitor seat belt use, distracted driving, impaired driving, along with roadway safety projects and emergency response innovations.

In addition to Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards based on these community initiatives, AAA also recognizes one individual and one organization annually for outstanding service or programs that contribute to overall traffic safety.  All of these prestigious awards are presented at our Annual Community Traffic Safety Awards Luncheon held in the fall. Click here to view the 2018 CTSAP Winners.

Buster the teaching bus

Rhode Island Community Outreach Programs

Buster the Teaching Bus

Buster is a remote-control talking school bus with a very important mission — to teach children about traffic safety. Buster covers all aspects of traffic safety, including the importance of wearing a helmet while riding a bike, how to cross a street, school bus safety, and safe places for children to play outdoors. Buster attends new branch openings and is available to speak with students at schools, community events, camps and extend-day programs upon request.
Contact: Diana Imondi-Dias (401) 868-2000 x2126