Fall into Safety

Most kids are finally headed back to school this fall for in-person classes. While that’s great news, it also means drivers need to be aware of more buses, bikes & pedestrians on the roads.

School's Open

Regardless of the age of your children, parents are key to keeping children safe. Check out our tips to help reduce crashes and incidences that result in injury or death.
  • Children under 10 should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Model safe behavior by using sidewalks and crosswalks.
  • Put cell phones away.
  • Demonstrate how to look all ways before crossing the street and be alert for drivers and bicyclists.

For more information on pedestrian safety, click here.

  • Cyclists must wear a helmet; no exceptions!
  • Teach kids to ride in the same direction as traffic, and follow all stop signs and traffic signals.
  • Watch out for cars backing out of driveways, turning corners or pulling into parking lots.
  • Keep a safe distance from school buses, as they can block a cyclist’s or pedestrian’s view of traffic.

For bike safety tips and information, click here

  • Seat belts are mandatory, without exception.
  • Follow Graduated Driver License guidelines.
  • Set rules – with consequences – for speeding, cell phone use, and the number of passengers.
  • Consider entering into a parent-teen driving agreement so expectations are clear.
  • Ask for a text or call when teens arrive at their destinations.

Have a teen ready to learn to drive? Contact AAA Driver Training for more information.

Check out our back-to-school downloads!

Bike Safety Bookmark

Best Routes to School (for teachers and families)

Best Routes to School (for teachers and families) En Espanol

Child Passenger Safety Week (9/19-9/25)

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for children, but properly installed car seats can significantly reduce injuries and fatalities. We offer lots of resources to help parents keep kids safe and properly positioned.


Did you know? Up to 80% of parents make mistakes when installing or positioning car seats.

A certified child passenger safety technician can help you make sure your child’s car seat is installed and used correctly. Find a certified technician by clicking here.

Be on the lookout…

Teen Driver Safety Week is October 17-23. Teen drivers are among the most susceptible for crashes, so don’t stop reinforcing the importance of attentive driving. Learn more at NHTSA’s teen driving site.


Halloween Safety – During October, there are 30% more fatalities for pedestrians aged 5-14 than any other month. The week leading up to Halloween is especially dangerous. Make sure the costumes you buy are reflective, or add reflective tape or stickers. Instead of a mask, which can block vision, consider face paint instead of a mask, which can block vision.

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