AAA Travel Money

AAA helps protect your next trip with our travel money products. Whether you're traveling around the corner or around the world, you're ready with AAA travel money.


For assistance with lost or stolen travel money, click here.


  • American Express Travelers Cheques

    Use anywhere American Express is accepted. Available at branch office locations only. Pay with cash or Cashier's/Teller's Check and pay no fees.

    No personal or business checks accepted for the purchase of American Express Travelers Cheques.

  • American Express Gift Cards

    The perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, weddings or holidays. Available at branch office locations only.

    Gift Cards can be purchased with cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, or by Check. (With some restrictions, please contact your local branch office with questions.)
  • Wells Fargo Foreign Currency

    Wells Fargo Foreign Currency is available for over 70 countries. Order your foreign currency at one of our AAA Northeast branches. Learn more

    AAA Northeast members, in good standing for one or more years with AAA Northeast, may also use a personal check from a bank in the AAA Northeast territory for the purchase of Foreign Currency up to $3,000.  There is a 14 day waiting period before another check may be used, regardless of the amount of the first check. Business checks are not accepted
aaa visa member rewards card

AAA Visa® Credit Card

Turn everyday purchases into UNLIMITED REWARDS with the AAA Member Rewards Visa® Credit Card.

A value-packed credit card that allows you to earn points on every purchase and then to redeem them for cash, travel, merchandise and unique adventures. Best of all, there are no tiers and no limits on points! 

AAA MemberPay Visa Card

AAA MetaBank Visa®

The AAA MetaBank Visa® card is a reloadable PIN-based pre-paid card that is accepted at millions of Visa® merchants, online, by telephone and debit locations. The card can also be used to access currency at participating ATM’s worldwide wherever Visa® is accepted.

  • Minimum load of $10; maximum load of $5,000 per 24 hours*
  • Card balance not to exceed $9,999 at any time.
  • 24-Hour cash withdrawal limit, including fees, not to exceed US $1,000
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: Purchases outside the US are subject to a 3% foreign
  • transaction fee.
  • Fee-free MoneyPass ATMs nationwide!!
  • New reload methods:
  • Retail network accepting cash loads (Western Union, MoneyGram, Green Dot, Visa
  • ReadyLink) (retailer fees may apply)
  • Via free ACH bank transfers
  • Cardholder email and text alerts 
  • NEW Mobile App and cardholder site for card management
  • Personalized card auto-issued after first reload (primary card)!!
  • Bill pay

See links at bottom of page for FAQ’s, fees and Cardholder Agreement.
No personal or business checks accepted for purchase of a AAA MetaBank Visa® card.

  • No telephone loads/reloads allowed, and personal or business checks are not allowed for payment. 
    • Member Card Activation fee, $4.95 per card, $6.95 non-member.
    • Companion and backup cards are available for non-chip enabled cards for $1.50 each at initial purchase.
  • Card loads and reloads must be paid with:
    • US Currency
    • Local bank checks (cashier’s, treasurers, money orders etc.) No personal or business checks are accepted.
    • Visa/MC branded debit card with PIN#, processed as a debit transaction (not credit).
    • Credit Cards may be used, however they are transacted as a Cash Advance and are subject to convenience and bank fees even if the balance on the card is paid in full.
    • Minimum load of $100; maximum load of $5,000 per 24 hours. Funds may be added to the card at any participating AAA branch location:
      • Two (2) times per twenty-four (24) hours
      • Four (4) times per seven (7) days
      • Ten (10) times per thirty (30) days.
      • Card balance not to exceed $9,999 at any time.
    • If you run out of funds while traveling, reload your card at any participating AAA officeonline, or by direct deposit.
      • Online reloads are limited to $1,500 per week and are subject to a Quick Deposit Fee of $30.00
      • Non-chip cards (see below) may also use a personal check through Ingo Mobile Money (additional fees apply.)
    • Re-loads: Card need not be present to process a reload. You will need the full card number or registered name to process a reload.
    • List of all fees here
  • Lost/Stolen cards in the United States:
    • Contact MetaBank customer service at 1-844-639-4700.
    • The card will be canceled and a replacement card fee of $2.50 will automatically be deducted from the account balance.
    • A replacement card will be sent to the cardholders address or to a traveling address, within 7-10 business days.
  • Lost/Stolen card internationally: If the cardholder is traveling outside the United States and needs Emergency replacement cards or emergency cash;
    • Contact MetaBank customer service collect at 605-782-5309
    • Non-Chip Emergency Replacement Cards can be used for purchases, obtaining cash advance at banks, and ATM withdrawals. (Chip Enabled Emergency Replacement cards are not available at this time).
    • Emergency Replacement Cards will be sent to the cardholder within 2 – 4 business days to either their traveling address or home address.
    • The Emergency replacement cards will be registered prior to receipt; this may take from 24 to 72 hours to process.
    • A new PIN must be set prior to being able to access cash at an ATM. Cardholders should call customer service at 1-844-639-4700 to set a PIN.
  • Chip enabled cards for international or domestic use:
    • Use the AAA MetaBank Visa® Card internationally – It’s a preferred method of payment around the globe and provides added security against fraud with stronger protection against identity theft. The chip provides a unique digital seal which proves authenticity and prevents fraudulent payments.
    • Chip enabled Direct Deposit Reloads - Reloading AAA MetaBank Visa® Card using direct deposit is simple – select a set dollar amount or percentage from your pay or government check and it will automatically be loaded onto your card.
  • Non-chip cards for domestic use only:
    • The non-chip card is a traditional swipe card used wherever Visa Debit magnetic cards are accepted. Non-chip cards are not for international travel. The non-chip cards have additional features not currently available on the Chip enabled cards.
    • Non-Chip Direct Deposit Reloads - Reloading your Non-Chip AAA MetaBank Visa® Card using direct deposit is simple – select a set dollar amount or percentage from your pay or government check and it will automatically be loaded onto your card.
    • Non-Chip Backup Card - If the card is lost or stolen, report it to MetaBank and a backup card will be activated. Up to one backup card can be purchased at time of initial purchase for a fee of $1.50.
    • Non-Chip Companion Cards - Companion Cards are linked to the primary card and shares the funds. This allows others to spend funds from the original card account.
      • Companion card holders must furnish first and last name, address, date of birth and social security number at time of original purchase; however companion card holders do not have to be present.
      • Up to three companion cards can be purchased at the time of initial purchase for a fee of $1.50 each.
    • Non-Chip Text alerts - Receive transaction alerts on your mobile phone. This feature is selected by opting in by calling the phone number on the back of the card. Normal data fees apply.
    • Non-Chip Mobile Money - For an additional fee, use your personal check to reload your Non-Chip card through Ingo Mobile Money (additional fees apply.)