AAA Travel Money

AAA helps protect your next trip with our travel money products. Whether you're traveling around the corner or around the world, you're ready with AAA travel money.

  • AAA MemberPay Visa® Prepaid Card

    AAA MemberPay Visa® Prepaid Card

    The AAA MemberPay Visa® Prepaid Card is a reloadable PIN-based pre-paid card that is accepted at millions of Visa® merchants, online, by telephone and debit locations. Learn More

    AAA Members can purchase AAA MemberPay Visa® Cards. No personal or business checks accepted for the purchase of a AAA MemberPay Visa® Prepaid Card.

    Learn more about FAQs, fee schedule, and Card Holder Agreements.

    Note: The AAA VISA MemberPay cards will be available for loads and reloads through September 30th, 2022.  After that, reloads can be made at, the MetaWallet app, other third-party merchants as designated in your cardholder agreement, and by direct deposit.

  • American Express Gift Cards

    American Express Gift Cards

    The perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, weddings or holidays. Available at branch office locations only.

    Gift Cards can be purchased by AAA members with cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, or by Check. (With some restrictions, please contact your local branch office with questions). American Express Gift Cards can only be used in the United States. The maximum purchase amount is $10,000 per person in a 12 month period.
  •  Foreign Currency

    Foreign Currency

    Foreign Currency is available for over 70 countries. Order your foreign currency at one of our AAA Northeast branches. Learn more

    AAA Northeast members, in good standing for one or more years with AAA Northeast, may also use a personal check from a bank in the AAA Northeast territory for the purchase of Foreign Currency up to $3,000.  There is a 14 day waiting period before another check may be used, regardless of the amount of the first check. Business checks are not accepted.
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