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A complete bumper-to-bumper check by an AAR facility is a great way to treat your car with some “TLC”. Our AAR program is a great member benefit! We take the guesswork out of finding a trusted technician for your vehicle.

Why use an AAR facility? It’s MAGIC:

Member discount – all AAA members save 10% off labor costs at every visit.

Advocacy – AAA will represent you in any dispute that may arise with a repair facility.

Guaranteed work – The facilities offer a 24 month/24,000-mile warranty on all repairs, and a discount on labor up to $75 as well as priority handling for AAA Members.

Inspections – Each facility in our program undergoes regular, rigorous inspections. We make sure the shop meets our stringent standards for equipment, cleanliness, insurance coverage, customer service, and more.

Certification – Every AAR must have ASE-certified technicians (Automotive Service Excellence) for required service offerings and provide formal training systems to keep their staff up-to-date on new procedures and technologies.

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There are a few key things to discuss with your technician: 

John Paul, AAA Car Doctor
Although designed to last longer than in years’ past, belts and hoses can be damaged due to seasonal temperature changes, age and driving conditions. A leaky hose can damage the engine, a broken belt can cause the engine to overheat, stop running or even be damaged beyond repair. Avoid a tow by having drive belts, timing belts and coolant hoses checked for damage and wear.
With less daylight at this time of year, strong headlights are a must. Make sure all bulbs working.  Unlike glass, plastic covers on headlights – found on most vehicles today – react to oxygen, sunlight, UV rays, high temperatures and moisture and can become cloudy and hazy.  There are a few household products that can improve clarity, or a professional can restore or replace them. The important thing is not to ignore the problem…good visibility on the road is critical to your safety. For more on headlights and mechanics recommendations, check out this Your AAA article.
When roads are wet or slick with snow and ice, good tires may be the difference between getting to your destination or having to call for a tow. Tire treads below 4/32nd of an inch of depth can take a dangerously long time to stop in poor conditions. Have a professional examine your tires. Discuss your driving habits to determine if winter tires would be a good investment. Learn more about winterizing your tires.
Fluids – oil, transmission and coolant – are the life’s blood of your vehicle. If they are allowed to become contaminated or run low, they can cause catastrophic damage to the components they are designed to protect. A good technician will check your fluids at every visit and advise on replacement. And, don’t forget windshield washer fluid, especially in winter weather.
Brake wear is one of the few issues almost totally determined by the driver. In general, most car brakes can last 40,000 miles or more, although aggressive drivers or very cautious drivers can accelerate brake wear. Many vehicles have a warning sensor that creates a high-pitched squeal when the brake linings are almost worn out. Brake condition should be checked periodically by your qualified technician. Learn more about how to care for your brakes.

Top Shops – is one of them yours?

AAA Northeast is proud to have some of the best Approved Auto Repair facilities in the country! The following shops were recently nominated for national “Best in Auto Repair” awards, which recognize high member satisfaction scores, top-level performance, and exceptional service.

This auto repair shop has been operating since 1927, and joined the Approved Auto Repair program in 2019. They received an average satisfaction score of 99.1% from members, solidly putting this family-owned business among the top shops of 2021!


Fortier Auto Sales

(Left to right) Justin, Bob and Matt Fortier

A perennial top performer, Guilford Texaco had a satisfaction score of 95% with AAA members. The shop, owned by Jim and Ernie Betulia, has won numerous awards, including being named as a Service Provider of Excellence in 2013 and 2019. A partner in AAA’s repair, ERS and car battery service, Guilford has been a provider for AAA since 1970.


Guilford Texaco

Laurie and James Betulia, owners

Received a 100% satisfaction score with 85 surveys, and an RSP completion rate of 95.7%. The shop does repair, ERS and battery service, and has been a part of the Approved Auto Repair program since 2010.


Tire Tech employees at store computers.

Left to right: James Bruneau, Madison Murphy, Rob Sherwood

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  • If you have questions about anything automotive related, you can email AAA’s Car Doctor, John Paul. Let him know about your vehicle and he’ll answer your question.
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