Why Choose a AAA Battery?

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  • Transparent pricing. Our "all in one" car battery prices include testing, delivery, installation, and recycling of your old automobile battery – wherever you are.
  • Premium product. AAA car batteries are top quality and are specifically built to withstand the extreme climate changes prevalent in the Northeast. Our premium car batteries offer the additional protection you want to want to provide consistent power for starting your automobile day and night.
  • We come to you, wherever you are. In only a few minutes, a technician will test your current car battery and charging system with the latest equipment, examine the connections and provide you with a simple, easy-to-understand test result. If the car battery needs replacing, we'll do that on the spot while you wait.
  • Warranty included. All our car batteries come with a free 3-year replacement warranty covering North America. The warranty transfers with the vehicle, if sold to another owner.
  • Special member pricing. As a AAA member, you receive a minimum $25 discount on every car battery purchase when you purchase through AAA mobile battery service.
  • Environmentally friendly. AAA recycles every car battery we replace for our members. If you have an old car battery you need to dispose of, bring it to your local AAA Approved Auto Repair facility and they'll recycle it for you at no cost.

Three Ways to Get a AAA Battery

  • AAA Battery Truck

    AAA Mobile Car Battery Service

    We Come to You

    • All-in-one price includes testing, delivery, and installation
    • 3-year warranty
    • Premium quality product
    • Members save $25 on each battery
  • AAA Approved Auto Repair

    AAA Approved Auto Repair Facilities

    You Come to Us

    • Prices may vary, does not include installation
    • 3-year warranty
    • Premium quality product
  • NAPA Auto Parts


    Do it Yourself

    • Prices may vary, does not include installation
    • 3-year warranty
    • Premium quality product sold at select NAPA Auto Parts stores

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Car Battery Recycling

Unrecycled batteries can result in large quantities of lead and sulfuric acid being discharged into the environment creating health, safety, and fire hazards for people and animals alike. Almost 99 percent of a car battery can be recycled. Different parts are used to make electronic equipment, construction materials, and even more vehicle batteries. AAA encourages members to recycle their old automobile batteries. We'll take your old car battery and make sure it's recycled in an environmentally friendly way. If you have an old automobile battery, drop it off at any of our AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities.

Must be purchased from AAA Northeast Car Battery Service or select AAA Approved Auto Repair locations. Not applicable toward purchase of a non-AAA battery. Call (800) AAA-HELP for service and delivery in your area. Pricing starts at $192.99+ tax installed. Service and battery costs vary by make and model of vehicle and location of service. Coverage available for most vehicles. Certain vehicles due to the location of the battery may require additional time to install. Member savings are off nonmember price. Restrictions apply. Battery services are subject to AAA membership terms and conditions, available at AAA.com/MemberAgreement.

Quote received is for mobile roadside service only. AAA Approved Auto Repair pricing may vary.
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