Diversity and Inclusion at AAA Northeast

Our Values

At AAA, our core values have long stood for helping and serving; for respect and valuing each and every employee; and for being stewards of integrity and peace of mind. We’ve built a culture firmly committed to equality, diversity, and community - regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or gender.


We recognize the value of diversity and are committed to embracing diversity, ensuring equity, and promoting inclusion.

President & CEO John Galvin

“We’re committed to leading by example when it comes to fostering an inclusive culture that represents the communities we serve.”

- John Galvin,  President and CEO, AAA Northeast

Our Culture

AAA Northeast is dedicated to providing an inclusive work environment where every individual feels valued and respected. And we put those words into action every day.

We continually seek feedback from all levels of the organization to establish priorities and create new initiatives. We regularly review our benefits and PTO offerings – as well as career advancement opportunities – to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our diverse population. And we provide training on topics such as unconscious bias, while hosting a speaker series featuring DEI experts.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collaborative Council helps to ensure all voices are heard, and new ideas are brought forward.

Employees in New Jersey region enjoying team potluck.

Community Focus

We help and serve as a way of life, with a deep commitment to the neighborhoods and communities in which we live and work.

Our Charitable Giving Team focuses on helping organizations that support underserved groups, as well as those that work to fight social injustice and racism. We also partner with local minority-owned businesses and organizations that focus on such issues as youth education, adult literacy, supporting people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community, to name a few. And we are translating our products and services to better serve our Spanish-speaking members.

Employees smiling together while volunteering

Our Stories

  • Pierre Laurent

    "I started at AAA after graduating from Bentley University. I was the first college graduate in my family, and I only share this as an inspiration to other immigrants from single-parent households. Fast forward 16 years, and I am now a Director for AAA and oversee 17 branches. But I wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for my roots in Haiti, my strong mother, and a determination to help my communities and build relationships with others." 


    - Pierre Laurent, Director | Sales and Service Branch Operations


  • Felicity Abreu

    "Being a first-generation college grad meant working multiple jobs to put myself through college. Unfortunately, I had to pause my education during my senior year with just a few classes left. Fortunately, I was working at AAA, where I took advantage of our Educational/Tuition Assistance Program to complete my degree. And I’ve been able to take advantage of this program more than once continually learning through workshops and classes. AAA definitely encourages you to grow as you go." 


    - Felicity Abreu, Training Specialist | Branch Operations


  • Isabel Stewart

    “When I first started working here, I noticed that our internal resources for Spanish-speaking members, as well as our employees, could be improved upon. Today, I’m translating all of our branch and registry menu recordings. When our members call ERS and want to hear their options in Spanish, I’m the voice they hear. I’m so proud to serve as a voice for our Spanish-speaking members, and to help expand our bilingual options.”


    - Isabel Stewart, Project Coordinator | Branch Operations And Spanish Media Representative | Public Affairs


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