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In 1920, the AAA School Safety Patrol program began, allowing students to be active participants in maintaining a safe walk to and from school. Today, over 675,000 students in 35,000 schools worldwide actively participated in the AAA School Safety Patrol by providing a safer environment for child pedestrians. AAA Northeast would like to encourage all schools to initiate their own AAA School Safety Patrol program.

School Safety Patrol

What began as a small, boys-only initiative in 1920, is proudly celebrating its centennial anniversary. With over 675,000 patrollers—including boys and girls—in 35,000 schools, the AAA School Safety Patrol is the world’s largest school-based safety program — instilling lessons of good citizenship, leadership and responsibility. Today, these young leaders dedicate their time before and after school each day, working with teachers, supervisors, adult crossing guards and law enforcement to ensure the safety of their classmates.

Past patrollers have grown up to be U.S. presidents or vice presidents (Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden), astronauts, governors, members of Congress and Supreme Court justices (William Brennan, Stephen Breyer, Warren Burger, Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas) as well as Olympic-Gold medalists (Lynette Woodard and Edwin Moses). Many patrollers also now serve as educators, executives, physicians and other community leaders throughout the nation.

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AAA Safety Patrol

Where It All Began

The AAA School Safety Patrol Program is grounded in a rich history. Charles M. Hayes, then president of the Chicago Motor Club, is credited for building the infrastructure and providing the resources so other AAA clubs across the U.S. could protect school-aged children walking to and from school. Hayes witnessed several children struck and killed by a speeding car at a school crossing. After the horrific incident, Hayes pledged to help prevent such a tragedy from happening again. From that day forward, patrollers received traffic safety training designed to keep children safer while walking to and from their school. Because of the steadfast dedication of Hayes, the program is now 100 years strong and continues to have a positive impact on schools, students and communities.
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The “At Your Post” AAA School Safety Patrol training video serves as a comprehensive training for your school safety patrollers. This video should be reviewed each year or with each new group of patrollers. Please keep in mind that patroller’s posts and tasks will vary based on the safety concerns at the individual school. Patrol advisors should supplement this video training by explaining the school’s policies, procedures and daily expectations to patrol members.
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Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day

Nov. 14 is Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day, a student-led movement started by AAA School Safety Patrollers!  The annual walk honors the first day of school in 1960 for Ruby Bridges, who was one of the first Black children to integrate an all-white school in Louisiana. Last year, more than 90,000 students across 36 states participated in the walk.  Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day started in 2018 when a group of 5th-grade Patrollers learned about Ruby’s story and sought to build a nationwide movement to act as a day of dialogue about issues that are important to them.  

ruby bridges walk to school day poster

Join us in our walk to school as we continue our journey to end racism and all forms of bullying on November 14, 2022.

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