Teen Driving

Even the best and brightest teen drivers have increased risk of being involved in a deadly crash compared with experienced adult drivers. Based on research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, AAA Northeast has created a variety of programs and resources for teens to improve their safe driving knowledge and skills.

Teen Driver Safety Programs

Shifting Gears: the Blunt Truth about Marijuana and Driving

Developed by AAA Northeast and geared toward high school health and driver’s education classes, this free program details the risks of driving under the influence of marijuana and cannabis’s effect on the developing teenage brain.

This lesson is designed to: 

  • Explore the impact of marijuana on the developing teenage brain.
  • Give students an experience of cognitive impairment through simulation goggles.
  • Demonstrate the potential consequences that can occur related to driving.
  • Provide evidence-based information about preconceived ideas about marijuana use.
  • Explain the physical and cognitive processes that are affected by marijuana.
  • Explain why driving under the influence of marijuana is a crime.
Learn more at AAA.com/Shifting Gears.

Distracted Driving for Teen Drivers

Driving is an activity that requires full attention. This program is designed to help teen drivers understand the risks of distractions and get tips to avoid becoming a distracted driver.

Drivers will learn about:

  • Types of distractions (cognitive, manual & physical)
  • The challenges posed by Bluetooth, infotainment and navigation systems
  • What drivers can do to be attentive and safe on the roadway
Learn more at AAA.com/Community.

Dare to Prepare: Pre-Permit Workshop for Parents and Teens

This pre-permit workshop for soon-to-be drivers and their parents explains the Graduated Driver’s License process and laws for your state. Customized presentations are available on request to address the specific needs of an organization or municipality.

Learn more at AAA.com/Community.

Know the Risks

Parents play a crucial role in modeling safe driving behaviors, setting expectations, and dialoging with their teen about the risks of the roadway. Review these Pointers for Parents of teen drivers to understand the risks and start the conversation about safe driving.

Learn more about AAA research on teens and traffic safety:

The Graduated Driver Licensing Process

Graduated Driver Licensing programs phase in driving responsibilities, with the goal of creating safer drivers from the start. Understanding the process of obtaining a license is important and differs state to state. 

Learn more about the licensing process in your state:

Additional Teen Driver Safety Resources

Rhode Island parents can learn more about their role in the learning-to-drive process through this online parent course. Visit StartSmart for more information.

Online parent session

Parent teen driving agreement

Learn more about insuring your vehicle(s) through AAA.

Visit AAA Driver Training to find information on driver’s education or behind-the-wheel lessons.


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