AAA Advantage Student Loan

AAA Advantage Student Loan

AAA Advantage Loan

The AAA Advantage Student Loan is a private student loan that could help pay for college. You worked hard to get into college, let us help you pay for it.

Returning undergraduate student borrowers, rest easier knowing you’re more likely to be approved. Returning undergraduate student borrowers had a 95% recent approval rate when applying the following year for a subsequent AAA Advantage Student Loan with a cosigner.1

Curious what rate you qualify for? Prequalify6 by clicking the button below with no effect to your credit score.

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Log into your existing student loan application, apply for a new student loan, or to speak with a student lending specialist call (888) 422-2536.

Student Loan Rates

Variable Rate Loan Details

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AAA Advantage Student Loan

Fixed Rate Loan Details

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AAA Advantage Student Loan

Product Features:

  • Prequalify6 - Check your rate in minutes without impacting your credit score
  • Choice of competitive fixed or variable interest rates
  • Multiple repayment terms to choose from: 7, 10 or 15 years7
  • Multiple repayment options available8:
    • full deferment
    • interest only
    • flat payment
    • immediate repayment
  • No  fees

Borrower Benefits:

  • 3.00% principal reduction with proof of graduation for AAA members4
  • 0.25% interest rate reduction for customers who elect auto pay9
  • 0.25% interest rate reduction for consistently making on-time payments10
  • Cosigner release option available after making 36 consecutive on-time payments11
  • Returning Borrower12 Advantage - Returning borrowers will have their new application pre-filled and income verification waived13

Loan Limits:

  • Minimum loan amount: $1,0005
  • Annual borrowing limit: lesser of the cost of attendance less aid or the requested amount, not to exceed $99,9995
  • Aggregate student loan limit (total amount of private and federal student loan debt allowable): $180,0005


  • The student must be enrolled at an approved school in a degree-granting program.
  • The student, and, if applicable, the cosigner, must have a good credit history with no student loan defaults or bankruptcies. Students with no credit history, or without a substantial credit history, may qualify with a creditworthy cosigner. Students applying on their own, or cosigners on a cosigned application, must provide proof of income.
  • The student must be the legal age of majority14 at the time of application or at least 17 years of age if applying with a cosigner who meets the age of majority requirements in the cosigner’s state of residence.
  • The student must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident alien, or an Eligible Non-Citizen (DACA resident) applying with an eligible cosigner who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien. 

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