If you’re a AAA Northeast member, you may complete the Roadside Assistance reimbursement form to be considered for partial or full reimbursement of services. Please submit your request form and the original itemized paid receipts on the garage letterhead.

Download: Roadside Assistance Reimbursement Form (pdf) 

For expedited service, mail the completed application and all related receipts, invoices, or other paperwork to: 

AAA Northeast
Attn: Reimbursements
110 Royal Little Drive
Providence, RI 02904

Member Reimbursements FAQ

If you need additional information, please review these frequently asked questions.

Yes, if the receipt is legible. The receipt should be in a member’s name. If we are unable to read the receipt or have questions, we may request the original receipt
No, an itemized receipt on the garage letterhead is required for reimbursement consideration. If you only received a credit card or emailed receipt, please contact the provider for an itemized receipt.
All AAA Northeast membership numbers have a club code of 240 which is displayed on your digital membership card.
There are many factors involved when reviewing a reimbursement request such as membership status, membership type, and the charges incurred. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this information without reviewing the itemized receipt and membership coverage.
Please allow up to three weeks for processing.
A police report is not required.
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