Planning your next international trip? If so, you will need to obtain a valid U.S. passport that is valid at least six months after your expected return date in the U.S.
While AAA does not process passport applications, we do offer passport information and services to make the process that much easier.

  • Get your Passport Photos in any of our AAA branches, no appointment required.

  • Pick up a Passport Application

  • Exclusive AAA rates on expedited passport and travel visa services online via RushMyPassport

Getting Your Passport Photo:

  • AAA branch offices offer passport and immigration photo services. Photos are 2" x 2" in size and conform to US Passport and Immigration Services' requirements. 
  • AAA does NOT issue passports.
  • Prices listed below are for AAA Members and their minor children (17 years and younger):
    • Basic members pay $12 per set and non-members pay $16 per set of printed photos. Digital photo cost is $6 via email.
    • Plus members receive 1 set of printed photos, per member per year, free of charge. Digital photo cost is $6 via email.
    • Premier members receive 4 free sets of printed photos, per household per year, in addition to a free digital photo via email.
    • One set includes two pictures.
    • The prices and benefits mentioned above are only applicable at AAA Northeast locations.
  • One per household per year (year defined as 12 months from date of last usage). 
  • A second set of photos is $6.00 for both member and non-members.
    • Additional sets of photos must be of the same person. 
    • Valid AAA Membership must be shown for Member prices, and Member prices are applicable to the member listed on the card only. 
    • Child photos will be taken if the child is able to sit up without assistance.
  • Do consider wearing a color other than white - Your passport photo will have a plain white background, so a colored shirt will help ensure your photo doesn’t appear washed out.

Passport applications are available at all AAA branch offices; however, AAA does not process passport applications. Complete passport information is available online at

Expedited Passport and Travel Visas

Many countries require your passport to be valid 6 months after your return date, and some of your favorite destinations may require a travel visa to enter. Make sure you have everything you need in time for your departure date and get exclusive AAA rates on expedited passport and travel visa courier services online with RushMyPassport.

Top 3 reasons our members take advantage of these services:

  • Personalized application review can help avoid common mistakes that would normally cause a delay.

  • Save time, skip long lines, and hold times – let RushMyPassport work with the passport office or embassy.

  • Enjoy the comfort and convenience of real time tracking of your passport or travel visa.
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